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Contractors All Risks

Contract works, site huts, unfixed materials, tools and equipment are all subject to fire, theft or damage both on and off site.  Damage to the contract works can mean carrying out the work for a second time for only one payment - unless you have arranged a Contractors All Risks policy. 

Contractors All Risks Insurance

Valuable plant will have to be replaced from the contractors own resources if stolen - unless he has arranged a Contractors All Risks policy.  Premiums depend on turnover, type of work and previous claims record.

Contractors All Risks can also include Plant, Machinery, Tools & Equipment All Risks.  This covers a contractor’s plant, from heavy equipment to hand tools.  There are various ways of arranging the cover from engineering policies, motor policies and all risks policies or inclusion in Contractors All Risks Policies.  Valuable equipment is by definition costly to replace. 

Why not pay a small percentage of that value and transfer the risks to your insurers?  This applies equally to hired plant for which the contractor is liable from the date of hire.

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