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Engineering & Statutory Inspection

Plant and machinery installed at premises can be insured, either on an individual item or a blanket basis. In both instances cover excludes fire and the associated perils that are insured under your fire policy.

The Machinery policies allow you to choose which items of plant and machinery you want to insure and select the cover that is most appropriate. The widest level of cover is Sudden and Unforeseen Damage.

Engineering & Statutory Inspection

All Machinery Policies provide cover on a blanket basis for all plant and machinery at the premises. Whilst this policy does not provide for an Inspection Service, a separate Inspection Contract can be tailored to meet requirements.

Whichever option is chosen, cover will be on a reinstatement basis.

You can also look to cover computer equipment under an Engineering policy, generally two types of policy are available to provide protection for a wide range of computer and other electronic equipment.

Computer policies are designed to insure computer equipment whether a stand alone personal computer, networked system or mainframe installation.

Cover is available for loss or damage to Computer Equipment on an All Risks reinstatement basis.

Electronic Equipment Policies are aimed at a wider range of equipment. These policies provide similar cover to the Computer Policy described above plus liability under the terms of a hiring agreement and loss of revenue resulting from an insured event.

The above policies will be subject to policy terms, conditions and exclusions, for example costs resulting from the use of unproven software.

As mentioned above many businesses will have a requirement to have their machinery and plant periodically inspected.  The Health and Safety at Work Acts require the periodic inspection by a competent person of all:-

  • pressure plant
  • lifting equipment

Each has to be checked that they are working to their safe working pressure or lifting weight to ensure safety of employees and the public from either explosions or loads dropping on them.  All compressors, hoists, fork lift trucks and the like must have inspection certificates before they are brought into use.
Inspection cover can be bought via an insurer, with the cost usually being based on the number, and nature of units requiring inspection.

For further information or a quotation call Quadris Insurance Brokers on:
0208 144 1271 or email us insure@quadrisinsurance.co.uk




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