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Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance follows the same basis as an individual motor policy, however there are a few significant benefits to putting your vehicles together under one fleet policy.

You can benefit from flexible cover for any driver to drive your vehicles. Vehicles insured on individual policies can generally only be driven by a select number of drivers. On a fleet policy, provided that the driver meets the criteria required by the insurer, any driver may drive your vehicle. These criteria are normally:

Fleet Insurance

- Age – most insurers prefer drivers to be over the age of 25, but cover is available for any licensed drivers if required.

- Licence – a full UK driving licence is required and it must be applicable to the vehicle being driven. For instance, you must have an HGV1 licence to drive a 32-ton truck. Most insurers will allow any licensed driver to drive under the cover of their policies. Some insurers, however, will offer a discount if you are prepared to limit the scope of the drivers to those with more experience – often requiring drivers to have held a full UK licence for more than two years.

- Claims record. A poor record can mean stricter terms are applied – higher excess for instance. In extreme cases insurers may ask for an increase in the premium for that driver.

You can enjoy flexible cover, with differing cover for each vehicle, for instance you can chose between comprehensive, third party fire and theft, or third party only and vary these covers for specific vehicles. You may also be able to increase or decrease the excess depending on how much you are prepared to pay.
You may also benefit from cheaper legal expenses insurance if all vehicles are insured under one fleet policy. Windscreen cover may be included at a much lower price under a fleet policy.

A fleet policy is priced according to the types of vehicles on your schedule, and their values, the prevailing market conditions and the claims performance over the last three years. The better the claims performance, the lower the premium will be.

If all of your vehicles are insured under the one policy, then the overall risk can be managed. If they are not, then each insurer will take a different approach to the pricing and cover of their policy and this may cost more money. Above all, a fleet policy ensures that the correct cover is given to each vehicle. Legislation will punish companies who do not ensure that their employees’ cars are properly insured, well maintained and drivers are fully trained for the tasks required. One fleet policy makes this possible and, above all, manageable.

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